‘Feminist Geography Conference: Who we are, what we do, why we do it’, May 15-18, 2014

Feminist Geography: Who we are, what we do, why we do it

MAY 15-18, 2014

University of Nebraska at Omaha

On May 15-18, 2014, scholars will come together in Omaha, Nebraska for the conference “Feminist Geography: Who we are, what we do, why we do it.” This conference provides an opportunity for academics at all career levels to engage closely with one another about research interests, professional development, and feminist practices (broadly defined).

This conference is a distinctive forum for sharing knowledge and developing feminist networks of support and collaboration in an affable, sociable, and supportive environment. It will emphasize deep engagement with research ideas and questions across multiple perspectives through innovative forums such as panels, question and answer formats, and café and salon-style sessions rather than stand-alone research presentations. It will also provide forums on professional development that are designed to help scholars with their academic work (namely writing, teaching, publishing, and job searches) and to address certain challenges that feminist geographers may face, including surviving as a lone feminist in a geography department and difficulties faced by women of colour in geography.

Additionally, sessions will address questions of work-life balance and strategies for promoting mental health during all career stages (from graduate school to full professorship). While all these issues will be addressed in formal sessions, multiple opportunities to socialize, relax, and get to know one another during breaks, meals, and other activities will generate a more informal space of support and sharing. Child and nursing-friendly spaces will be provided in order to create an inclusive and caring atmosphere.

The Call for Participation includes a variety of participation options and present the details of sliding scale registration fees in order to promote participation from a range of scholars. Additionally, a conference website will be in place within a few months in order to provide pre-conference networking opportunities for participants and sharing of participation guidelines. We continue to welcome feedback and suggestions for innovative participation formats.

Please contact Pamela Moss at pamelam@uvic.ca or Karen Falconer Al-Hindi at kfalconeralhindi@unomaha.edu with questions or suggestions, and watch your email for a Call for Participation soon.

Organising Committee

Karen Falconer Al-Hindi

Pamela Moss

Leslie Kern

Roberta Hawkins

Chris Dando

Nazgol Bazgeri

Ayona Datta

Sendy Guerrier

Holly Worthen

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