Ayona Datta: Who she is…what she does…how she does it…as a feminist geographer.

Featuring Feminist geographers: Who we are, what we do, why we do it.

Feminist Geographies 2018: in/during Troubled Times: Dialogues, Interventions and Praxis

Ayona Datta is an Associate Professor of Citizenship and Belonging at University of Leeds where her teaching and research range from geography, sociology, and architecture.  She is an organizing committee member for our upcoming Feminist Geography Conference and her contributions are invaluable—she even created our FemGeog banner you see above!

Ayona is also a filmmaker who takes her research and interests into the realm of documentary. To the left is the cover of ‘City Stories’   produced this past summer by Ayona. ‘City Stories’ features two short documentaries on citizenship, belonging and urban development in Maharashtra, India. Ayona’s dual documentary explores urban development from the perspective of those pushed to the margins in a postcolonial neoliberal state. “These are low-cost, low technology, low time and low manpower documentaries filmed, edited and produced by myself to fill the current absence of visual teaching aids on this topic,” she said.

Please contact Ayona if…

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