Final Call for Participation | Feminist Geography: Who we are, what we do, why we do it

Feminist Geography: Who we are, what we do, why we do it

Conference May 15-18, 2014, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Call for Participation

We are excited to invite submissions for a wide range of stimulating, interactive and in-depth sessions. We encourage participants to consider submissions that differ from traditional conference presentation formats. The deadline for submissions is: January 15, 2014.

There are several different ways to participate. Below is a list and description of the types of sessions we have decided to use for this conference.

There is also room Single Participation Submissions. Please indicate this on the Submission form.

Research-oriented sessions

We envision this conference as a place to share research in different ways, especially those that encourage conversation across research topics. Session formats might include:

  • Research panels: 4-5 presenters give short (3-5 minute) introductions to their research, and a discussant asks questions across the panel.
  • “Issues in research” panels or roundtables: Participants might focus on different dimensions of feminist geographical research such as methodology, ethics, political issues, access to information etc., and use their own research experiences as examples.
  • Cross-talk panels: 3-4 researchers in different sub-fields share their research, and then the audience is invited to draw connections amongst all of the papers, encouraging “cross-talk.

Topical or thematic sessions

These sessions might focus on a topic or theme in feminist geography (either major themes or those that need more attention) and encourage a wide variety of voices to participate through formats such as:

  • Knowledge cafes: A facilitator introduces a topic for 10-15 minutes, and then small groups of 4-5 engage in close conversation for the remaining time. (
  • Panels: Encouraging a mixture of voices across career stage, geographic region, theoretical orientation etc.

Visual or performance-oriented sessions

We invite creative submissions in formats such as:

  • Film or video
  • Posters or art works
  • Performances
  • Any of the above may be submitted virtually, if the creator cannot attend in person.

Professional development sessions

We seek proposals for sessions that will allow participants to share their experiences in and beyond academia in two formats:

1. Roundtables or panels on issues including but not limited to:

  • Academic publishing
  • Job interview strategies
  • Non-academic career possibilities
  • Surviving your first years of full-time work
  • Work-life balance
  • Issues facing women of colour in geography/academia
  • Surviving as a feminist in geography/academia
  • Addressing mental health issues
  • Advocating for equality in the workplace
  • Writing strategies

2. Advice sessions: We seek volunteers (particularly more experienced academics) to lead individualized or small-group advice sessions (for example, on CVs, cover letters, interview skills, and so on).


On the Submissions page, please indicate which category your proposal falls into, and include a 250-word description of the proposed session. If possible (and relevant to your proposal), include names and contact information for session participants. Attendees are welcome to participate in multiple sessions. Please also indicate if you are willing to help out with professional development advice sessions.

We look forward to welcoming you in Omaha.

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