Intimate Infrastructures Storymap

Intimate infrastructures is a way of seeing and understanding how infrastructure, in their absence, disconnectedness and exclusions are woven into the intimate material and social relationships of urban life. These intimate relationships with infrastructure can be perceived as forms of violence or can actually materialise as Violence Against Women (VAW).

As part of our ‘Disconnected Infrastructures and Violence Against Women (VAW)‘ project, we have launched a new ESRI Storymap on Intimate Infrastructures to illustrate our visual data on urban infrastructures and VAW gathered in a local low-income neighbourhood, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.  It shares the narratives gathered from women living in a low-income neighbourhood in the peripheries of the city on their everyday experiences of infrastructure in their local neighbourhoods and the city at large. These narratives are shared via interviews, mental maps and photographs.

Funded by The British Academy

Please scroll down on the image below to see the story map.

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