Sept 2021        Digital expressions of the Self Symposium, Goldsmiths College

RGS-IBG membership required to watch video.

July 2021         RC21 ‘Sensing the City’ Plenary in Antwerp, Belgium, 14-16 July 2021.

July 2021         Media Architecture Biennale keynote.

June 2021 RSA Regions in Recovery Plenary [Virtual]

June 2021       RSA Network on Infrastructural Regionalism (NOIR) Conference.

May 2021        EURA 2021 Conference, Oslo [Virtual]

April 2021        TISS School of Public Policy and Governance, 4th International Graduate Seminar on “Quality of life in informal settlements”.

Feb 2021         Bartlett International Lecture Series. Title: Distance.


Dec 2020.        Virtual forum on “Digital Transformation of Cities and Communities, UN-Habitat and ITU, Geneva

Sept 2020         Artepolis-8 International conference, Bandung, Indonesia [Virtual due to COVID19]

Nov 2020         Futurium Plenary, Berlin Future Institute

Feb 2020          UN-Habitat World Urban Forum 10 in Abu Dhabi, 8-13 February.


December 2019 Annual Lecture of Finistera – Portugese Journal of Geography, Lisbon

September 2019 Keynote speaker, Beyond Smart Cities Today Conference, Rotterdam

September 2019 Keynote Speaker, Rethinking, Resisting and Reimagining the Creative City Conference, Bristol

April 2019 Keynote speaker, ‘Aesthetics of Gentrification’ Conference, Portland OR

March 2019 Keynote speaker, European Public Policy Conference, Madrid

January 2019 Keynote Speaker at the Digital | Visual | Cultural Public lecture in University of Oxford. Visit Website


November 2018 Plenary Speaker at the ‘Race for Space‘ event at the London Transport Museum

June 2018 Keynote in Sociological Review journal conference, Newcastle. Visit Website

May 2018        Keynote in the 50thIrish Geographers’ annual meeting, Maynooth, Ireland. Visit website 

May 2018         Speaker in UN Economic and Social Research Council (ECOSOC) Integration event in New York. Click for Video or for Report


Sept 2017        Keynote in Oslo Urban Arena, Oslo.

Sept 2017        Keynote in AHRC Conference ‘Whose right to the smart city’ in University of Plymouth

August 2017    Keynote in Association for Literary Urban Studies (ALUS) meeting, University of Tampere, Finland


Oct 2016         Keynote in “Smart and Green Cities, for whom?” conference in University of Oslo.

Sept 2016        Keynote in Thoughtworks Away Day, Hyderabad. Click here for video.

June 2016        Plenary speaker on ‘Sociologies of Urban Life’ in University of York.

May 2016        Speaker in the UN Commission for Science Technology and Development 19th annual meeting in Geneva.

June 2016       Keynote in ‘Sociologies of Urban Life’ Conference in University of York.


Oct 2015         Keynote speaker on the ‘Debating development’ series in University of Antwerp. Title: “Building Smart Cities…From Scratch?”

Jan 2015           Keynote lecture in the University of Freiburg, Institute of Advanced Studies interdisciplinary conference on ‘Translocal Practices, Urban Transformations: Migration and Mobile Urbanism in South and Southeast Asia’, from14-16 Jan 2015. Title: ‘Translocal Cities: Utopian imaginations of migration and urbanization in India’.


April 2014         Plenary Lecture at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL. Organized by Urban Geography Speciality Group and Urban Geography journal.

March 2014       Plenary panelist in American University of Beirut. Click here for video.

Nov 2013          Keynote in ‘Migration and Language’ Conference in Pennsylvania State University. Click here for video.

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