From my early career as an academic, teaching architecture in Belfast, to teaching sociology in London School of Economics, to current undergraduate first year geography students, I have always been a dedicated, passionate teacher who bridges disciplinary boundaries in my teaching. I invite students to ask questions, think critically, challenge existing knowledge, and develop skills to become future citizens.

I currently teach the following courses:

Cities and Citizenship: I convene this second year module. This focuses on the links between emergent forms of citizenship and their particular spatial manifestation in cities in the global north and south.

Geography Research Tutorials: I take small group tutorials on research methods this level 2 module.

Geography in Action: As contributor to this first year course, I take two seminars on ‘Smart Cities and urban futures.’

Geography Tutorials Critical Thinking and techniques: I take small group tutorials on this level 1 module.


MA/MSc Sustainable Cities: I am Programme Director for this course.

Understanding the Sustainable City: I convene this module which focuses on an exploration of approaches to analyzing contemporary urban sustainability. This is also a core module for the MA/MSc in Sustainable Cities.

Governing the Sustainable City: I contribute to this module, tackling the key issue of governance and sustainability in the city. This is also a core module for the MA/MSc in Sustainable Cities.

Practising Social Research: I take small group tutorials on this Masters module which aims to (i) enrich understanding of the relationship between methodology and method in social research; (ii) hone appreciation of quantitative and qualitative methods and skills as they are applied in social research; and (iii) lay the groundwork for the design of a research dissertation;

I have previously taught the following courses:

BA Human Geography Level 3
2012-2015       Global Cities: Mumbai fieldtrip (Convenor)
2012-2015       Geographies of Migration (Convenor)
2012-2014       Transnational geographies (Convenor)

BA Human Geography Level 2
2012-2015       Citizenship and Identity (Contributor)
2012-2015       Geographies of Economies (Tutor)
2012-2015       Career Skills in Geography (Tutor)

BA Human Geography Level 1
2012               Global Populations (Contributor)
2012-2016     Leeds: From local to Global (Tutor)


2008-2011       MSc Culture and Society degree (Co-Convenor)

2014-2015       Spaces of Radical Thought (Convenor)
2014-2015       Space and Social Theory (Convenor)
2012-2014       Research Frontiers in Social and Cultural Geography (Convenor)
2008-2011       Cultural Theory and Cultural Forms (Co-Convenor)
2006-2010       Urban Environment (Convenor)
2008-2010       PhD Research Seminar on Cities and Space (Co-Convenor)

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