From my early career as an academic, teaching architecture in Belfast, to teaching sociology in London School of Economics, to current undergraduate first year geography students, I have always been a dedicated, passionate teacher who bridges disciplinary boundaries in my teaching. I invite students to ask questions, think critically, challenge existing knowledge, and develop skills to become future citizens.

I currently teach the following courses:


Thinking Geographically Tutorials: I take small group tutorials in this level 1 module.

Development Geographies: I contribute to this level 2 module.

Digital Geographies: I convene this level 3 module


Urban Imaginations: I contribute to this module.

PhD inquiries

Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing a PhD in the following themes:

  • Smart cities and urban futures
  • Politics of urbanisation in the global south
  • Cities, infrastructures and gender politics
  • Gender citizenship and digital lives in the urban margins

I have previously taught the following courses:

BA Human Geography Level 3
2012-2015       Global Cities: Mumbai fieldtrip (Convenor)
2012-2015       Geographies of Migration (Convenor)
2012-2014       Transnational geographies (Convenor)

BA Human Geography Level 2
2016-2019       Cities and Citizenship (Convenor)
2012-2015       Citizenship and Identity (Contributor)
2012-2015       Geographies of Economies (Tutor)
2012-2015       Career Skills in Geography (Tutor)

BA Human Geography Level 1
2016-2019     Geography in Action (Contributor)
2012               Global Populations (Contributor)
2012-2016     Leeds: From local to Global (Tutor)


2016-2019       Understanding the Sustainable Cities
2016-2019       Governing the Sustainable City
2016-2019       Practising Social Research
2008-2011       MSc Culture and Society degree (Co-Convenor)
2014-2015       Spaces of Radical Thought (Convenor)
2014-2015       Space and Social Theory (Convenor)
2012-2014       Research Frontiers in Social and Cultural Geography (Convenor)
2008-2011       Cultural Theory and Cultural Forms (Co-Convenor)
2006-2010       Urban Environment (Convenor)
2008-2010       PhD Research Seminar on Cities and Space (Co-Convenor)

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