I am Professor of Human Geography in University College London. My research interests lie in the politics of urban transformations in the global south, with a particular focus on the intersectionality of gender and citizenship.

I am author of ‘The Illegal City: Space, law and gender in a Delhi squatter settlement’ (2012 Ashgate), co-editor of ‘Translocal Geographies: Spaces, places, connections’ (2011 Ashgate) and co-editor of ‘Mega-urbanization in the global South: Fast cities and new urban utopias of the postcolonial state’ (2017 Routledge). I am author of over 60 articles in peer reviewed journals as well as two films ‘City bypassed’ and City forgotten’.

My research has been funded by European Research Council (ERC), British Academy, ESRC, AHRC and SNSF among many others.

I am co-editor of Urban Geography and on the editorial boards of Antipode, Dialogues in Human Geography and EPD: Society and Space. I am also a publicly engaged scholar with a strong media presence and I am regularly invited to international lectures and keynotes including meetings of the UN at their headquarters in Geneva and New York.

Most of my publications are downloadable from the university repository here